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              021-51855666 批發分機:301 工程分機:203




              ??????? 上海漢華水處理工程有限公司成立于1998年,為外商獨資企業。公司總部設在上海,目前在全國十余個城市都設有分公司及辦事處,銷售網絡遍及全國各地。公司專業經營各類進口及國產水處理配件、器材以及成套水處理設備。集多年專業水處理經驗,為各相關行業提供所需的純水及超純水設備的整體規劃、設計和制造。公司秉承“研究發展,開發創新”的企業精神和“追求百分之百客戶滿意度”的服務方針,于2003年通過了ISO9001質量體系認證,并于2009年12月獲得上海市“高新技術企業”稱號,使公司的管理及作業品質更上了一個新臺階。多年磨礪,上海漢華水處理工程有限公司已發展壯大成為一個集生產、制造、研發、銷售、服務于一體的大型綜合性水處理公司。竭誠為廣大新老客戶提供專業完善的產品和服務。

              Shanghai Hantech co. was established in 1998 which is invested by foreign merchants.The head office is in shanghai city,and it has already set up more than ten branch offices and ware houses in China.Shanghai Hantech co. sales all the water treatment components and skits(R.O,UF,EDI…) especially in R.O&softener field.and we also provide service of design and manufacture of pure water and ultra-pure water systems.We believe that “research,development and innovation spirit” and “100% customer satisfaction” are the key to win in this market.base on this conception,we got the ISO9001 in 2003 and the title of “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise” in 2009 which made our management and working quality reach to a new stage.With over ten years experience,Shanghai Hantech Co. has become an integrated water treatment company which has manufacture,R&D,distribution channel,pre and after services.we will keep providing the highest quality and the best service for all customers.